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& Associates Inc.

Expert Nursing Opinions for Litigation

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Our Mission

Margaret Rhone Wood
Margaret Wood
R.N., Ph.D.

We provide a professional service to the legal profession in Canada in matters claiming medical or nursing malpractice.

Our Process

  • We thoroughly review and summarize the relevant medical records and other essential documents.
  • We link the applicable nursing and hospital standards of care to the care provided.
  • We identify adherences to, and deviations from, the applicable standards of care.
  • We integrate literature findings into the case analysis.

  • Our Services

    We provide the lawyer with a written expert opinion of the care provided by the nurses and hospital, including a chronology of the care, with a clear identification of adherences to, or deviations from, the accepted standards of nursing and hospital care in similar circumstances.

    Our Experience

    Margaret Wood has over twenty years experience and has conducted over 300 case reviews delivering expert opinions regarding nursing and hospital care for plaintiffs and defendants. She is a nurse with vast clinical practice, research, and educational experience. Her objectivity is highly valued by major law firms.


    Margaret Wood, R.N., Ph.D.
    (1996 Medical Science, University of Toronto)